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Capital Improvements



The Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) program is responsible for identifying and implementing capital projects that prevent or reduce flooding or property damage; minimize erosion and instability of streambeds, banks and slopes; protect or improve water quality and maintain or improve the reliability and integrity of the drainage system. The CIP program is divided into major and minor capital projects. Implementing the major CIP program involves designing, constructing and inspecting projects. The City typically contracts out the design and construction work for major CIP projects. Minor CIP projects, on the other hand, are typically designed and constructed by Surface Water Management staff, provided the estimated construction cost is under $25,000. 

The City uses the Comprehensive Surface Water Facility Plan to guide decisions and prioritize projects. Many of the projects and improvements identified in the plan have been completed. See the Major CIP List (*note: this is a large file) for a description, status and map of major improvement projects.

  before2.jpg       after2.jpg
  Before and after photo of a completed culvert replacement project




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