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33325 8th Ave S.                                                                        Prst Std
Federal Way, WA 98003                                                               U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                                       KENT, WA
                                                                                     Permit No. 71

                                                              Residential Customer

Mayor        Deputy Mayor Councilmember Councilmember Councilmember Councilmember Councilmember Councilmember
Jim Ferrell
             Jeanne Burbidge Lydia Assefa-Dawson Dini Duclos  Susan Honda  Mark Koppang Kelly Maloney Martin Moore

 Industrial Realty Group Property                                                   Contact Us

  In February 2016, Industrial Realty Group (IRG), a California based                Mayor Jim Ferrell: 253.835.2402
company that specializes in corporate campus redevelopment projects,
purchased the former Weyerhaeuser property. Efforts are ongoing                      City Council: 253.835.2401
to find a new tenant for the iconic corporate offices and the city is
currently reviewing proposed developments on this historic property.                 Police: Call 911 for emergencies.
                                                                                     For non-emergency calls, 253.835.6700

                                                                                     Code Compliance and Graffiti:

                                                                                     Streets, Traffic and Stormwater:
                                                                                     (After hours, call 800.400.0749)

                                                                                    Follow Civic Events on
                                                                                    TV21 and YouTube

                       Former Weyerhaeuser Headquarters                             New Day Federal Way brings Neighborhood
                                                                                    Connection and other events to you on TV21
                                                                                    (Comcast channel 21) and on the City’s
                                                                                    YouTube channel at

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