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Mayor’s Message                              arise. Like far too many communities       As you will read in this newsletter,
                                             across America, ours has been faced      your City has an active agenda and we
          Mayor Jim Ferrell                  with the challenge of how to combat      are working on solutions to complex
  Federal Way is a growing and diverse       an increase in violent drug and gun      issues like aircraft noise mitigation,
city. Since our last update, we have         related crimes.                          as well as ways to address the further
continued to create new opportunities                                                 development of our Town Center,
for our residents and businesses alike.        As part of the 2017–2018 Biannual      and the Industrial Realty Group
However, with growth challenges may          Budget, I have proposed the hiring       (IRG) property.
                                             of nine additional police officers
                                             to plan for the future and meet our        I believe government works best
                                             growing needs.                           when we have the active involvement
                                                                                      of the people we serve. I have an open
                                               Our community has seen much            door policy and want to hear from you.
                                             progress since last year with the Grand  If my office can be of assistance to
                                             Re-Opening of Town Square Park and       you, please do not hesitate to call me at
                                             the construction of the Performing       (253) 835-2402 or send me an e-mail at
                                             Arts & Event Center, which will open
                                             in the summer 2017.
                                                                                        I look forward to seeing you around
                                               We continue to see new investments     town or at City Hall!
                                             in Federal Way and property values are
                                             up across the board.

Public Safety — Our top priority!            A brief overview:                        the City’s goal to raise the number of
Continued from page 1                          In 2006, Proposition 1 passed          officers per thousand/population to more
                                                                                      accurately reflect our history of providing
                                             by popular vote. This allowed the        law enforcement services in the City of
                                             City to bring our total number           Federal Way.
                                             of budgeted police officers to
                                             136. When the Great Recession            Moving forward:
                                             hit in 2008 that number fell to
                                             123 uniformed officers. As the             In the 2017/2018 budget, Mayor Jim
                                             economy recovered so did police          Ferrell has proposed nine (9) additional
                                             totals, raising to 126 and then to       police officers to address current need
                                             131 budgeted positions under the         and plan for the future. This will bring
                                             Ferrell Administration. It has been      the total number of police officers to 140.

Mayor Jim Ferrell, City Councilmembers, and the Violence Prevention Coalition Steering Committee

Performing Arts and Event Center Topping Out Ceremony  Movies in the Park—Town Square Park

            Town Square Park ribbon cutting            Welcome to Federal Way Hong Kong Market!
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