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AFEnDnERuAaL Wl NAYewsletter
2016                                                                                             News and Resources for Residents

Public Safety — Our Top Priority!                                                              cause our community to hide in fear.
                                                                                               In a remarkable display of unity, our
  The number one priority of            effects of violent, drug and gun related               community rallied together at two
government, especially local            crime. These crimes are an attack                      separate public meetings. This led
government, is to ensure the safety     on our quality of life and shook our                   the mayor and council to create the
of its people.                          community to its core.                                 Violence Prevention Coalition (VPC).
                                                                                               This citizens’ advisory group is led by
  Our community, like many in our         Though we experienced difficult                      a steering committee of community
region and across our country has       times immediately following the tragic                 members with the following mission
recently seen the painful and terrible  shootings, these tragedies did not                     statement:

                                                                                                 “The vision of the Federal Way VPC is
                                                                                               to engage and empower Federal Way youth
                                                                                               to become thriving and successful citizens
                                                                                               through the combined support of families and
                                                                                               community members.”

                                                                                                 The VPC will report their findings
                                                                                               back to the City Council and will
                                                                                               work together with key stakeholders
                                                                                               to mitigate the dangerous effects of
                                                                                               violent crime.

                                                                                                 In addition to the work of the VPC,
                                                                                               the 2015/2016 biannual budget added
                                                                                               $3.6 million to enhance public safety.

Mayor Jim Ferrell swears in new police officers at the September 6th regular Council Meeting.  Continued on page 2

Town Square Park Grand Re-opening

                                                                                                 On July 9, 2016 our community
                                                                                               celebrated the Grand Re-opening of
                                                                                               Town Square Park. More than 1,500
                                                                                               people came together to hear great
                                                                                               music and see our brand new splash
                                                                                               park come to life spraying water 20
                                                                                               feet in the air!

                                                                                                                      Continued on page 3


                                                                                               •	 Mayor’s Message

                                                                                               •	 Public Safety Continued

The community comes together for the grand re-opening of Town Square Park.                     •	 PAEC
Hundreds of people came to see the spray park turn on for the first time.                      •	 Addressing Homelessness

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